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A Mastermind Group Like No Other

Connect with others. Realize your brand's potential. Elevate yourself above the competition.

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What is the Avanti Experts Mastermind Group?

• A talented group of coaches, consultants, speakers, podcasters, book authors, tv hosts who want to advance to the next level in their business.
 Experts who want to grow their business and personal brand by learning from an advisory group of peers.
• Monthly learning opportunities with a mastermind group pushing members to excel.
• A dedicated group of 12 people who talk online and take part in a monthly meeting.

Why Should I Join This Group?

• Be a thought leader in your industry
• Help you grow your client base.
• Polish and strengthen your expertise.
• Build your platform and personal brand.
• Collaborate with others who are successful.
• To have a group of peers hold you accountable to your goals so you execute them.

How Does It Work?

• Share experiences with each other.
• What has worked? What hasn’t?
• Advise each other in business situations.
• Share resources and opportunities.
• Critique and advise on what you’re doing, new methods, products, etc.

The Avanti Experts Mastermind Group is a one-time low annual fee with a 12-month membership. 

What is the Commitment?

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